Locomotive Overhaul

TTI has performed locomotive overhauls and upgrades for several commuter and freight agencies for both domestic and export markets. We have an inventory of freight or passenger locomotives within the North American market to purchase and re-configure to customers specifications.  The overhauls can provide the latest in APTA, and EPA regulations to assure customer conformance.  In addition TTI’s engineering can provide suggestions towards locomotive performance and reliability enhancements to be incorporated into the specification based on the customer’s duty cycle.

TTI specializes in:

  • Re-Power
    TTI has performed major re-power projects that have included engine retro-fitting, cooling and lubrication system modifications, car body structure adjustments, micro-processor and software installation, dynamic brake re-design, among others.TTI has a track record of completing these projects with a high customer satisfaction.  Our relationship with major engine builders offers a broad range of engine sizes, horsepower range and related ancillary support systems.  These engines offer greater benefits in relation to reliability, ease of maintenance, environmental regulation compliance, improved fuel consumption, among others.
  • Engineering & Consultation Services
    The engineering capabilities at  TTI, in support of our clients requirements for overhauls, repower, auxiliary power and modifications have been developed   in coordination with the engineering personnel of  some of the industry leaders in these fields.  It includes full Pro E solid modeling as well as AutoCad capability.  Our design work is performed in full compliance with FRA and AAR requirements.  Our staff has experience in the selection and processing of metals and materials used in the locomotive environments.   The creation of processes for rebuilding and remanufacturing locomotives or subsystems employ industry accepted OEM procedures, lean manufacturing,  AAR M-1003 quality or ISO equivalent and with full support from our engineering department.The TTI team can provide consultation services where our experience in the rail industry in freight and passenger services can help develop best practices for the clients’ maintenance, repair and rebuilding needs.  Also, our services are available for international clients as our staff experience in the global rail market  and our office personnel headquartered in Yonkers New York have bi-lingual capabilities in several languages.
  • Field Service
    TTI has mobile teams and equipment strategically positioned for rapid response deployment to customer’s equipment throughout the US and international.   The TTI staff has the technical abilities to repair and diagnose engine, propulsion, control, and various subsystems for EMD and GE locomotives.